We are the newest bioanalytical chemistry group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. Our research is aimed at developing native mass spectrometry, ion mobility-mass spectrometry, and charge detection mass spectrometry techniques for the structural analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, and their complexes.  Projects span a range of interests including biomolecular structure, neurodegenerative disease, and bioanalytical method development. Learn about our active research areas below, or navigate to the Publications tab.

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Native Mass Spectrometry  | Ion Mobility | Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry | Electrospray Ionization | Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry | Gas Phase Structural Stability | Surface Induced Dissociation | Gas Phase Unfolding


Raihana Passes her Preliminary Exams!

Congratulations to Raihana!

Pete Wins the Pothapragada Fellowship!

Congratulations to Pete! He is one of two international graduate students to win the Pothapragada Fellowship in the 2023 cycle.

2023 First Years Join the Group

Welcome Eledon, Gabby, and Kate!


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